Our partners include organizations with products and services that align with the blissby philosophy. 

The Skinless Project is founded on the notion that all women should embrace and cultivate their personal power so they may succeed in their personal and professional lives. The initiative believes that all women regardless of their age, race, skin color, religion or financial status deserve the opportunity to be respected for their ideas and personal strength in their communities.

The Skinless project believes that through collaborative and creative initiatives we can build a powerful community of support for every woman we know. Women are the foundations for our future. We envision a world where a woman is celebrated for her talent, grace and intellect which in turn results in her being respected as a powerful leader in her world. These powerful attributes go beyond the traditionally valued attributes of external beauty. The Skinless project is created to honor the women we know, the women we were and the women we wish to be.

The SkinLess Project has featured blissby in their Marketplace. Check out their profile on our CEO and Founder, Mariah Ray!