The world of skin care for baby is daunting. There are giant conglomerates that own multiple brands, tiny companies that offer homemade solutions, and everything in between. 

This page is designed to help you sort through the clutter and discover solutions that are right for you, your family and your baby.

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Skin Basics

Skin is our largest organ, accounting for almost 1/6 of body weight. 

Skin is the human body's first line of defense against pathogens and temperature changes.

Skin is very absorbent, and this is especially important to recognize when dealing with the delicate skin of newborn babies. 

All About Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is growing in recognition as a natural, healthy alternative cooking oil and dietary supplement. It is often found in the natural foods or cooking oil departments of a grocery store. Read about the nutritional benefits of coconut oil here. 

Coconut oil has numerous benefits as a moisturizing oil for baby and mommy. 

  • It is antifungal, so it can be used for

    • crade cap

    • diaper rash

    • broken, chapped skin

  • It is an ideal barrier cream for baby's bottom in between diaper changes (and it's safe for cloth diapers!)

  • Its fatty acids provide a protective barrier, locking in moisture

  • It is a natural lubricant, so it can be used as a conditioner or detangler

Baby Massage

Massage therapy in babies has been proven to increase muscular development and flexibility. Daily massage offers bonding time with your baby and helps establish a routine, especially during nighttime or bath time. A massage prior to bathing helps protect your baby’s skin from moisture loss.

Coconut oil is recommended during baby massage, as it prevents the skin from drying out and keeps it soft and supple. Coconut oil is high in linoleic acid and is gentle against your baby’s skin. 

You can read more about the benefits of baby massage here

EWG... your new best friend!

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a leading environmental health research and advocacy organization. Their breakthrough cosmetics database, Skin Deep, catalogues 70,000 products and evaluates each product ingredient for safety. 

It is an incredible resource for sorting through the confusing, often frustrating world of baby product labels. 

Our blissby 100% organic coconut oil earned the safest rating on the EWG database.

Look for additional blissby products to be included soon in the Skin Deep database!

Is that a baby product or a science experiment - deciphering ingredient labels

For those of us that try to follow an organic and plant-based diet for our bodies, it makes good sense to do similarly for our skin and hair. Because skin is so absorbent, one would naturally (pun intended!) want to ready the ingredients lists on skin care products as thoroughly as food labels. 

However, sometimes it can feel like you're reading a different language. And that's because you are.

Personal care and cosmetics labels are required to be labeled using a convention known as "INCI" or the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. This is why products, like ours, have ingredients called Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice instead of just "Aloe Vera." 

At blissby, we help you decipher our ingredients list by providing the common name for our ingredients alongside the standardized name. And we are working with organizations such as EWG to benchmark all of our ingredients according to their safety.

Further, we are committed to using as few ingredients as possible in all of our products. If you compare our ingredients list with some of our competitors in this sector, we are certain you will find ours have fewer ingredients. That's because we believe that fewer ingredients result in a purer formulation, and we think we've done so without compromising the effectiveness of the product. We know you'll agree. 

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